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Orill was founded by Mr. Srinivasa Rao cherukuri along with Co-founder     Mr. Avinash Dasari from the city of destiny ‘Visakhapatnam’  Andhra Pradesh, being the largest producer of roasted gram and roasted peanuts in the country. Located in the village of Padmanabham,


The company has its roots dating back to 1980 when it all began as a small procurement and reselling of grains and pulses. From day one, the company focused primarily on quality over quantity, and to this day,

With vast experience in the field of procurement and integrating state of art technology for the first time in India to manufacture roasted gram and blanched peanut without human touch. This leads to producing premium quality products

Our vision

To be market leaders and grow exponentially, make presentations to be standalone in manufacturing roasted gram and blanched peanuts.

Our Mission

To achieve customer satisfaction with our quality standards and become the top brand in the country.


Selecting Grains using Bi-lateral technology

We follow timely procedures from selection of raw material from our vendors and our screening team indulges and follows robust methodology to procure best quality raw materials which helps us to produce best quality products.

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