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Orill Fried Gram

Orill provides the country with the best, cleanest, and highest-quality packaged goods. It is offered in a variety of environmentally friendly hygiene bags to suit the needs of clients from various sectors.

Orill has specialized in Fried Gram, Wholesale Trading of Fried Gram, Bulk Sales of Fried Gram, and Bulk Supply of Fried Gram to prestigious institutions, IT campuses, as well as significant retail brands, supermarket chains, and Kirana Stores in South India, for more than a decade


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Freshness in Every moment

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Best Quality

We impart knowledge of nutritious food for your excellent health and guarantee the highest quality that we can reliably propose.


100% Organic Integrity

All farmers, collection centres, processing and packing units are certified and traceable



We pursue the authentic natural taste of India with the rich flavors and mesmerizing aroma of our products.


Zero Touch Preparation

Engage consumers to make better choice of food, nutritional counselling

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Inspired by traditional flavours, Orill offers a fresh, Healthy & Tasty Instant Chutneys.


How To Cook 

With Orill’s instant chutney, you can prepare your favorite dishes in just 3 easy steps without any chopping hassles, kitchen mess or time stress. Just open, stir-in with your protein and serve.


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What People Say About Us

I am a foodie and I'm very picky about what I eat. I have never been more satisfied in my life as when I eat Orill Fried gram. This is the most delicious, natural, and hygienic food that you can find. If you're looking for a healthy alternative to fast food, this is it!

Manoj Kumar

I have been using Orill chutney for several months now. The taste is absolutely phenomenal and it is also really healthy. I am such a fan of it that I have stocked up with many jars to last me through the year. The best part about it is that it doesn't go bad as fast as other brands so that saves me a lot of money!


I'm a mom of three, and I really love Orill instant chutney. I'm always getting compliments on how tasty it is and it's hygienic. My family can't live without it!